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It occupies almost the entirety of Lulu Island excluding Queensboroughbetween the two estuarine distributaries of the Fraser River. Encompassing the adjacent Sea Island where the Vancouver International Airport is located and slow dating near richmond bc other smaller islands and uninhabited islets to its north and south, it neighbours Vancouver and Burnaby on the Burrard Peninsula to the north, New Westminster and Annacis Island to the east, Delta to the south, and the Strait of Georgia to the west.

During the Winter Olympicsthe Richmond Olympic Oval was a venue for long track speed skating events. Coast Salish bands had temporary camps on the island, to fish and collect berries, which slow dating near richmond bc scattered and moved from year to year. There is no definitive historical account as to how Richmond slow dating near richmond bc named. There are several possibilities that have been proposed, including:.

The Township of Richmond slow dating near richmond bc modeled after Ontario's political townships — an incorporated municipality, consisting of communities that are united as a single entity with a single municipal administration. Each community was represented on the municipal council through a ward electoral system with five wards until when the slow dating near richmond bc electoral system was replaced with the at large electoral system that is currently in place.

The old fishing village of Steveston on the southwestern tip of Lulu Island is now home to several museums and heritage sites, as well as a working harbour for fishing boats. Richmond is made up of most of the islands in the Fraser River delta, the largest and most populated island being Lulu Island.

The city of Richmond includes all but a small portion of Lulu Island the Queensborough neighbourhood at the far eastern tip is part of the city of New Westminster. In addition to Lulu and Sea Islands, 15 smaller islands make up the city's The city also includes the fishing village of Steveston, located in the far southwest corner of the city, and Burkevillewhich shares Sea Island with the airport.

Both Steveston and Burkeville were independent villages until they were annexed by Richmond. Since all of Richmond occupies islands in a river deltathe city has plenty of rich, alluvial soil for agriculture, and was one of the first areas in British Columbia to be farmed by Europeans in the 19th century.

The drawback of Richmond's geographical location was that since all the land averages just one metre above sea levelit was prone to flooding, especially during high tide. As a result, all the slow dating near richmond bc islands are now surrounded by a system of dykeswhich, although not as massive as those in the Netherlands or the levees of New Orleansserve to protect the city from anticipated slow dating near richmond bc of flooding.

There is a possibility that, during an earthquakethe dykes could rupture, and the alluvial soil may liquefycausing extensive damage. Richmond is also at risk of a major flood if the Fraser River has an unusually high spring freshet. Recreational trails run along the tops of many of the dykes, and Richmond also supports about 1, acres 5.

Because of the high groundwater table, very few houses in Richmond have basements and until the late s, very few buildings were above 3 storeys high. Also, because of proximity to the airport, current building codes limit the height of buildings to feet 46 m. Richmond has an slow dating near richmond bc climate Cfb.

Richmond is also very cloudy in the cooler months. In the Census of Population conducted by Statistics CanadaRichmond had a population ofliving in 81, of its 85, total private dwellings, a change of 5. The average age of the population was Richmond has a land area of Most households have a household size of 2 persons, and the least households have 5 or more persons. Other types of buildings include 1, semi-detached houses 15, row houses20 other single-attached houses, and 45 movable dwellings.

Approximately half of Richmond residents identify as having Chinese ethnic or cultural origins, with the BBC calling it "North America's most Asian city" in Richmond's Japanese community has a long history in Steveston dating back to the s.

Following Japan's attack on Pearl Harborthe Anti-Japanese sentiment grew, and this community was devastated as residents of Japanese descent were relocated to internment camps in the BC Interior and Alberta and their property sold at auction. The census found that English was spoken as mother tongue by The next most common mother tongue language was Cantonesespoken by According to the censusreligious groups in Richmond included: [34].

Richmond supports aboutjobs in various areas, including services, retailing, tourism, slow dating near richmond bc manufacturing, airport services and aviation, agriculture, fishing, and government. Before its dissolution, Canadian Airlines operated an office in Richmond. The Agricultural Land Reserve preserves 4, hectares within the city as farmland, an area that makes up most of east Richmond. Of this area, 3, hectares are farmed by farms; the slow dating near richmond bc is either vacant or occupied by non-farm uses.

Cranberries and blueberries are the dominant crops grown. Other crops grown include strawberriescornand potatoes.

There is also Steveston Village. The Seafair Plaza commercial center is near Steveston, in Seafair, a different neighbourhood and planning area. The success of these malls has created significant economic growth in Richmond. Richmond Centre has become Canada's 12th most profitable mall. Richmond is also home to many Chinese-oriented shopping malls, most of them along No. The strip malls located on Alexandra Road are famous for their restaurants, and the area is more commonly known as "food street".

Richmond city planners are one year into their update of its official plan, passed in fall[50] for the city centre. The plan is anchored by the Canada Line and includes the development of nine transit-oriented village centres. The population of the area is slow dating near richmond bc to grow from about 40, toresidents. According to a senior planner for the city, the goal of the plan is to "turn the middle arm of the Fraser River into a focus instead of an edge.

Now, they want people to face the river and embrace the waterfront. Lansdowne Centre will be closing in to make way for 24 towers. The property owner, Vanprop Investment Inc. Aspac Developments Ltd purchased 7. Aspac's plans are for "probably the highest-end development Richmond has seen to date" said Mayor Brodie.

Some construction will not begin until afterand will take up to 12 years to complete. The warehouses and commercial parks near the development are also slated for redevelopment. Lecky boathouse [56] along River Road. It draws crowds from rowing regattas and dragon boat races. A possible pedestrian bridge where Cambie Road reaches the river is also being included in a future vision of the area. It would link nature trails on the north and south banks, and make Aberdeen Centre within walking distance for BCIT's aerospace campus students.

Developer Pinnacle International is planning a building development on a seven-hectare acre property near Capstan Way and No 3 road. The mixed-use development would include over 2, residential units, various commercial uses, and a hotel.

The Canada Line is considered critical to the project. A fifth Richmond station at Capstan Way No. Also included will be affordable housing units, a space daycare, and a 0. The developers are also proposing live-work dwellings, where shop owners would live above their ground-level operations. Fairchild Developments built a six-floor expansion to its Chinese-oriented shopping centre, Aberdeen Centre. The plan includes an office building and a link to the Canada Line's Aberdeen station.

The new complex was completed and opened up to the public in The casino has added an addition above the newly added six-story car park and SkyTrain Bridgeport Station. The The City of Richmond, Canada Lands Companyand slow dating near richmond bc Musqueam Indian Band entered a agreement with the federal government that included the intent to remove the land from the ALR for the purposes of high-density development.

The application was rejected on 10 February The Musqueam band has since brought a lawsuit against the City of Richmond, claiming they sold it under duress. The lawsuit remains dormant and it is the understanding of Coun. Harold Steves that the lawsuit will remain dormant unless the city wants to develop the lands into anything that is not related to ALR use. This event includes a parade, and a huge barbecued salmon sale in front of the Steveston Community Centre. It is a family event that celebrates the region's maritime heritage with live entertainment, ships, slow dating near richmond bc and demonstrations.

InRichmond hosted a tall ships festival, which attracted an estimatedpeople to Steveston. The success of this event surpassed many expectations and caused traffic congestion in the usually quiet area.

The Richmond Arts Strategy, passed in July by the City of Richmond, includes a proposal to promote communication between arts organizations and develop the Richmond arts community. In Januarya Board, mission, and mandate was established. On 1 Novemberartists, art organizations, and patrons of the arts formed the Richmond Arts Coalition. The RAC hosts Richmond arts events, connects the public to artists and events, provides artist opportunities, nominate awards, funds performers to specific events, stimulates arts projects, and advocate for arts issues, performances, education, creation, and exhibition activities.

During the summer weekends, an annual Richmond Night Market is held. Toys, clothes, cell slow dating near richmond bc, and food are available along with live entertainment.

It is very popular and is usually crowded. This marked the first time the ceremony had taken place on the West Coast, as it traditionally takes place in Toronto. There are public parks and 14 public recreation facilities in Richmond, including but not limited to: [72] [73]. An extensive trail system provides kilometres of recreational trails in parks and 87 kilometres of on-road cycling paths. Richmond is home to the Richmond Sockeyes Junior B hockey team.

Richmond also has multiple soccer teams, under the name Richmond FC, ranging in ages and skill levels, from U4's to U18's, and from house divisions to elite programming. Lecky UBC Boathouse. For the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the City of Richmond constructed an 8,seat speed-skating oval near the No. Since the completion of the Games, the slow dating near richmond bc has served as a recreational structure for local residents. The Richmond Oval officially opened on 12 December The sale more than covers the unfunded portion of the Oval's price tag.

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Financial Planning. By Mark Brown on July 4, Estimated reading time: 1 minute. From the air Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Que. One might dismiss it as a simple bedroom community, given its close proximity to Quebec City. Dating site saint-augustin-de-desmaures qc gallery: Top 25 Best Places to Live ».

But appearances can be deceiving. This small community has its own micro-economy. Interactive tool: Find the best place to live for you ». It earns some of its largest point scores for access to health care.

Household net worth is another important measure, and not surprising given the income level; its residents can lay claim to being amongst the wealthiest in the nation. Live in Quebec? Click here to see where your city ranks using our interactive tool.

Your email address will not be published. Use this ranking as a tool to help you identify the companies that offer the best investment potential now, Use this ranking as a tool to help you But there Contributions to the Canada Pension Plan have gone up in Which Dating site saint-augustin-de-desmaures qc should you invest in? Which ones best suit your risk tolerance? What about personal ethics?

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Debt How much credit card debt does the average Canadian have?

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