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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. In Marchthe greatest public document of our time was released via In Toucha publication which until then had never known true greatness or had Pulitzer-worthy content.

They were the first to release the "fuck list" of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohanscrawled on a Scattergories card with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January At first it was censored, and understanding what the public wanted, In Touch slowly unveiled the list in full. In an interview with Vanity Fairon the eve of her 30th birthday, Lohan says she has no regrets. To celebrate Lindsay's 30 years that have graced us with great films, gossip, and this perfect list, we took a look at where the men of Lindsay Lohan's fuck list are today.

They lindsay sexy dating be so grateful that she ever hooked up with them at all. During the alleged time that they hooked up, Ashton was riding out the success of That '70s Show which Lohan had a cameo onas well as hosting the lindsay sexy dating MTV prank show Punk'dall the while trying to establish himself as a "serious" actor.

While he's never really nailed a role that's made him be considered more than "dude who used to pull jokes on people while wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat," one has to imagine that one of the perks of being in lindsay sexy dating Hollywood is being in the good graces of Lindsay Lohan Keep in mind, this would've been about a year before he wifed Demi Moore, so chalk it up to sowing your oats before settling down with a real one.

Got a Tattoo of Sean Price. Circa reports about the brief fling Lohan had with Sebastian Valmont gov name: Ryan Phillippe paint many different pictures of their time together—from Lindsay not being into him other than sex things and just thinking he was hot because homegirl has eyes to that calling him constantly and being head lindsay sexy dating heels for dude.

Philippe has since been in a weird hodgepodge of roles from MacGruberhis directorial debut Catch Hellto a recent return to television. The two were paired on and off throughout andwhich maybe not so coincidentally coincided with her falling out with former BFF Paris Hilton this culminated in the infamous firecrotch video.

As ofNiarchos has been dating Australian lindsay sexy dating Jessica Lindsay sexy dating, usually culminating in Daily Mail reports of their glamorous jet setting around the world. Well minus that bar fight he got into in with the Prince of Monaco. The Australian entrepreneur and art-world bro used to date Theodora Richards, whose sister Lindsay took a "lesbian selfie" with inaccording to Perez Hilton.

So why not? While Lindsay and Joaquin Phoenix hooking up seems super "of course," there's little to no evidence linking these two romantically other than, like, fame—which honestly seems to be enough of a common thread for every other celebrity pairing, lindsay sexy dating matter how odd think Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, who are truly a modern mystery. Maybe they fucked in the bathroom at a Vogue party, or maybe hooking up with Lindsay Lohan was part of Joaquin's performance art phase which is thankfully over for more Paul Lindsay sexy dating Anderson fare.

Possibly they hit it off and shit just fizzled out. Either way, way to get it, girl. Aside from this list, there's literally zero evidence that Lindsay and Lukas Haas fucked—they've never been in lindsay sexy dating same gossip story together, let alone a photograph. Their apexes—when they owned the club scenes in L. If you're famous and famously wasted enough, and you go to 1OAK that frequently, something's bound to happen.

That's just math. And for those of you saying, "OK, but there were like 50 guys in the Pussy Posse, it could've been any of them," come on, grow up.

Leo and Tobey were always lindsay sexy dating of Lindsay's league, I don't think Lindsay likes redheads, so Kevin Conolly's out, and there's no way she was hitting Ethan Suplee. It had to have been Lukas Haas. OK, fine, you could totally convince me that Lindsay also banged David Blaine. In lindsay sexy dating, Lohan posted pics of Tortorella on her Instagram, yet again, of the pair prepping for a dinner party that included his on-off girlfriend Bethany Myers.

I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true? No one's really sure when this happened, but Peters got with Roberts inso we're guessing sometime before that. Was it perhaps right after American Horror Story premiered? Because that seems to be the time when everyone collectively agreed that Evan Peters was suddenly very, very hot. Gone were his Sleepove r days. LiLo snatched him right up. When the only item on your vagenda is to bang famous, rich party boys in a specific age bracket, your quest will eventually take you overseas.

Enter Danny Cipriani, who went on two dates with Lohan in 48 hours and then, apparently, never again. Maybe he was the one that got away after all. When the only item on your vagenda is to bang famous, rich party boys in a specific lindsay sexy dating bracket, eventually you come across two unrelated famous, rich party boys with the same last name.

Wherever the deed went down, one thing is for certain: When your dad "canoodles" with Tara Reid, your attraction to Lindsay is pretty much destiny. Pre-Fuck: Oscar Winner and Nominee.

Lindsay sexy dating sleepy-eyed character actor has a history of hooking up with starlets at the height of their It Girl-dom. Interestingly, it was lindsay sexy dating when Lindz scrawled that infamously vulgar phrase about ScarJo on a bathroom stall in an NYC bar—coincidence or nah? Benicio lindsay sexy dating Lindsay were first spotted "looking cozy" together while she was also linked to singer Ryan Adams, though her rep at the time denied both rumors, saying, "She's not dating either of these lindsay sexy dating men.

A year or so later, Lohan threw a fit at lindsay sexy dating fashion party that Voros and then girlfriend Jessica Stam were at. She threw a drink on Stam and then tried to get them kicked out, shouting about how Voros was her ex god bless Lohan.

Now, Voros is lindsay sexy dating retired hockey player and is married to an artist who owns a restaurant in Brooklyn. Call Wilmer whatever you want, but lindsay sexy dating was kind of a player when it came to the young women of Hollywood. For the longest time, the rumor was that Lindsay and Lindsay sexy dating were dating for a lot longer than the public knew, because she was underage and he was like 24 at the time.

But once she was legal, she moved into his house like it was nothing. Their 'ship didn't sail on too long, though, and the second single from Lindsay's debut album Speak" Over ," is said to be about Lindsay's breakup with Wilmer. Homeboy seems to still have a thing for the younger Hollywood ingenues because Demi Lovato just broke up with him after years and years together.

Jamie Burke was a model bad-boy sex object for the equally wild girls between the years lindsay sexy dating and Burke, with his long hair and wide hats, was sort of like a Justin Bobby-type, and he and Lohan were lindsay sexy dating kissing at eternal L. Now, Burke still seems to be modeling at least on Instagram and dabbling in photography.

And as of seven weeks ago, he married fellow hot person Mila de Wit-Burke. Turns out Jamie Dornan wasn't really doing anything before getting it on with Lindsay Lohan. They reportedly had a fling circathe same year he landed his very first acting role as the hot dude Kirsten Dunst lindsay sexy dating on Jason Schwartzman with in Marie Antoinette while frolicking around to The Strokes.

The vapidly handsome Dornan went on to date other It Girls before marrying his current wife, singer-songwriter Amelia Warner and now sits on a shitload of money thanks to his role as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades franchise. Did LiLo up his profile? There's no scientific evidence, but we're not saying she didn't. Wow, Lindsay Lohan couldn't even bother to spell Zac Efron's name correctly.

If they really did hook up circa the first High School Musical as rumors have it, then that means Zac met Lindsay at one of the worst times in her life. Unfortunately, Zac Efron is totally lindsay sexy dating the career that Lindsay Lohan deserves right now. So sad. Both Zac and Lindsay are totally underrated as acteursboth deserving of prestige roles but unable to completely shake off their pasts in musically-inclined teen comedies High School Musical and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queenrespectively.

Lindsay sexy dating Lindsay Lohan was ruined by the tabloids in a way that Zac never was, even though she could totally lead a buddy comedy or two in lindsay sexy dating If I had to guess, this celebrity pairing probably happened around you ever notice Bloom always seems to sweep up beautiful women while they're peaking? Incidentally, lindsay sexy dating were burglarized in by thirsty teens who have now become affectionately labeled by the media as the Bling Ring.

Wouldn't it be fun if court hearings drove these two into the throes of passion? Sadly, it just threw him lindsay sexy dating the arms of Katy Perry at least for now. Justin Timberlake is probably the most famous man Lindsay Lohan has had sex with.

Brian from GPA remains a mystery and is more than likely a civilian not a celeb. GPA could stand for a number of things, but at the time the sleuths at E! Maybe a bit of bellboy action? Mond seems like a left-field choice for Lohan, but it still makes sense. A reported run-in at the Chateau six years later tells you all you need to know about how this fling ended: after they spotted one another, Lindsay apparently downed vodkas with her mom while Colin exited through a side door.

While Farrell certainly had demons to rival Lindsay's, as of late, he's been having a mini-resurgence. Heath, damn. A diary entry obtained by upstanding paper of record Star Magazine in reportedly revealed that Lindsay Lohan was dating Heath at the time of his death. Between andthe gossip mill was obsessed with Max George and Lindsay for some reason.

I can't fully understand it, but I think some of the fervor was driven by the fact that everyone knew they were lindsay sexy dating, but both George and Lohan refused to admit it. The boldfaced lying sort of created this need for confirmation, and it just went on and on and on. So anyways, yeah, this whole thing was very annoying.

And really, it just makes me wish Lindsay's promiscuous years had overlapped with One Direction's peak. Harry Styles definitely would've been down.

Guy Berryman falls into a previous Lohan fuck category of they probably boned a couple times, but the paparazzi said that Lohan was basically stalking him. After the Coldplay bassist was going through his divorce, Lohan was ready to pounce, allegedly showing up backstage at shows at UCLA and Lollapalooza.

Or at least Lohan smashed someone in that band. Berryman is still a bassist in Coldplay, still lindsay sexy dating a weird earring, and is now engaged to someone half his age!!!

Hypothetical question for you: If the opportunity presented itself, would you fuck James Franco? If the answer is yes, congratulations. You are possibly Lindsay Lohan. If the answer is no, then you are either a cis dude or lying.

James Franco is an objectively attractive human being. What was neither charismatic nor attractive was coming for Lindsay Lohan after the list leaked and then writing some kind of meta fan fic about their time together. Or do, so you would have the IRL opportunity to tell him to stop making movies based on William Faulkner novels.

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