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Phone Number. Opening at pm. Read review s ». View all Add a photo. Chez Maurice, an entertainment spot for more than 30 years. With it's french comedy nights, shows of renowned Quebec artists, bands every week-end, dancing to the latest hits with the house DJs, the new Resto-Bar Sportif and the ever present atmosphere created by our patrons, chez Maurice is prepared for another 30 years of success!

A variety of foods on our menu in a sports setting with 4 high definition screens to watch sporting events. Convenience and pleasure. Wether you wish to arrive early to get good seats at the event you are coming too, or that you simply want to eat a bite while watching a sporting event, the resto-bar is a great place to take a break at chez Maurice. See more text. Friendship sites saint-lazare quebec Spoken FrenchEnglish.

Methods of Payment:. Social Media. How would you rate this business? Excellent Very good Average Poor Terrible 3 0 0 0 0. Sort by: Newest reviews Oldest reviews Top ratings first Lowest ratings first. Language: Friendship sites saint-lazare quebec French English.

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As of Julythe city had a population of , [14] and the metropolitan area had a population ofIt is also the second-largest city in the province, after Montreal. It has a humid continental climate with date night in quebec city quebec summers coupled with cold and snowy winters. Explorer Samuel de Champlain founded a French settlement here inand adopted the Algonquin name.

Quebec City is one date night in quebec city quebec the oldest European settlements in North America. Common English-language usage distinguishes the city from the province by referring to the former as Quebec City. According to the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec, and the Geographical Names Board of Canada, the names of Canadian cities and towns have only one official form.

In French, the two are distinguished in that most province names including Quebec take definite articleswhile most city names do not. Quebec City is one of the oldest European settlements in North America and the only fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist. AugustineSanta FeJamestowndate night in quebec city quebec Tadoussac. It is home to the earliest known French settlement in North America, Fort Charlesbourg-Royalestablished in by explorer Jacques Cartier with some persons but abandoned less than a year later due to the hostility of the natives and the harsh winter.

Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlaina French explorer and diplomat, on 3 July[26] [27] and at the site of a long abandoned St. Lawrence Iroquoian settlement called Stadacona. Champlain, who came to be called "The Father of New France ", served as its administrator for the rest of his life. The name "Canada" was given to the colony that developed around the settlement at Quebec.

Although the Acadian settlement at Port-Royal was established three years earlier, Quebec came to be known as the cradle of North America's Francophone population. The location seemed favourable to the establishment of a permanent colony. The population of the settlement remained small for decades. Inthere were people in 70 houses living in the city. In the city was attacked by the Englishbut was successfully defended. In the last of the conflicts, the French and Indian War Seven Years' WarQuebec was captured by the British inand held until the end of the war in In that time many battles and sieges took place: the Battle of Beauporta French victory 31 July ; the Battle of the Plains of Abrahamin which British troops under General James Wolfe defeated the French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm on 13 Septemberand shortly thereafter took the city after a short siege.

A French counterattack saw a French victory at the Battle of Sainte-Foy 28 April but the subsequent second Siege of Quebec the following month however saw a final British victory. France ceded New Franceincluding the city, to Britain in[30] when the French and Indian War officially ended.

At the end of French rule, Quebec was a town of 8, inhabitants, surrounded by forests, villages, fields and pastures. The town was distinguished by its monumental architecture, fortifications, and affluent homes of masonry and shacks in the suburbs of Saint-Jean and Saint-Roch. Despite its urbanity and its status as capital, Quebec remained a small city with close ties to its rural surroundings. Nearby inhabitants traded their farm surpluses and firewood for imported goods from France at the two city markets.

During the American Revolutionrevolutionary troops from the southern colonies assaulted the British garrison in the city in the hope that the peoples of Quebec would rise and join the American Revolution so that Canada would join the Continental Congressalong with the other British colonies of continental North America.

The American invasion failed, however, and the war resulted in a permanent split of British North America into two entitles: the newly independent United States of Americaand those colonies including Quebec that remained under British control, which would later become the country of Canada. The city itself was not attacked during the War ofwhen the United States again invaded Canada with the intent date night in quebec city quebec engaging and removing British military presence.

The commander of the invading forces, William Hull issued a proclamation outlining his intent to annex Canada on behalf of the United States, though this was not supported by President Madison or the majority in the US Congress. The Americans did not attack Canada after the War ofbut the Citadelle continued to house a large British garrison until It is still in use by the military and is also a tourist attraction.

Before the Royal Military Date night in quebec city quebec of Canada was established inthe only French-speaking officer training school was the Quebec City School of Military Instruction, founded in InThe School of Artillery was formed in Montreal.

The Quebec Conference on Canadian Confederation was held in the city in InQueen Victoria chose Ottawa as the definite capital of the Dominion of Canada, while Quebec City was confirmed as the capital of the newly created province of Quebec. Soong minister of foreign affairs of China. A large part of the D-Day landing plans were made during those meetings. In the city celebrated its th anniversary and was gifted funds for festivities and construction projects by provincial and federal governments, as well as public artwork by various entities, including foreign countries.

Old Quebec is located on top and at the foot of Cap-Diamantwhich is on the eastern edge of a plateau called the promontory of Quebec Quebec hill. Past this valley, the Laurentian Mountains lie to the north of the city but its foothills are within the municipal limits. The Plains of Abraham are located on the southeastern extremity of the plateau, where high stone walls were integrated during colonial days. The area was affected by the Charlevoix—Kamouraska earthquake.

The administrative region in which it is situated is officially referred to as Capitale-Nationaledate night in quebec city quebec [39] and the term "national capital" is used to refer to Quebec City itself at the provincial level. Quebec City experiences four distinct seasons. Spring and date night in quebec city quebec, although short, bring chilly to warm temperatures.

Late heat waves as well as " Indian summers " are a common occurrence. On average, Quebec City receives 1, millimetres During winter, snow generally stays on the ground from the end of November till mid-April. The highest temperature ever recorded in Quebec Date night in quebec city quebec was This was one of several municipal mergers which took date night in quebec city quebec across Quebec on that date.

Following a demerger referendum, L'Ancienne-Lorette and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures were reconstituted as separate municipalities on 1 Januarybut the other former municipalities remain part of Quebec City. On 1 NovemberQuebec City re-organized its boroughs, reducing the number from 8 to 6.

Quebec City's six boroughs French : arrondissements are further divided into 35 neighbourhoods French : quartiers. Neighbourhoods each elect their own council, whose powers rest in public consultations. Compared to many other cities in North America, there is less variation between average household incomes between the neighbourhoods.

However, some disparities exist. The southwest former cities of SilleryCap-Rouge and Sainte-Foy are considered to be the wealthiest, along with some parts of Montcalm and Old Quebec. However, parts of Limoilou, Saint-Sauveur and particularly Saint-Roch have seen gentrification in the last 20 years, attracting young professionals and the construction of new offices and condos. The area of Vc Quebec city is probably most popular for tourists.

With a land area of According to Statistics Canada, there werepeople residing in the Quebec City census metropolitan area. In The date night in quebec city quebec age is In[58] 9.

Quebec City also had a lower percentage of Indigenous Canadians 1. The census reported that immigrants individuals born outside Canada comprise 45, persons or 8. Of the total immigrant population, the top countries of origin were France 7, persons or The great majority of city residents are native French speakers.

Inaccording to Statistics Canada, More than a third of city residents reported being capable of speaking both French and English. According to the censusreligious groups in Quebec City included: [60]. Most jobs in Quebec City are concentrated in public administration, defence, services, commerce, transport and tourism. As the provincial capital, the city benefits from being a regional administrative and services centre: apropos, the provincial government is the largest employer in the city, employing 27, people as of The unemployment rate in June was 3.

While the traditional central business districts and their large office buildings are found on Parliament Hill especially for provincial administration and just below in Saint-Roch nowadays notable for IT and the video game industrya newer one has emerged in the Boulevard Laurier [ fr ] area of Sainte-Foywhere a number of accounting and law firms have moved since the s.

Other suburban places identified by the city for their potential are the Lebourgneuf area for private offices, as well as Estimauville Street where the Government of Canada already has many civil servants date night in quebec city quebec where several city officials are expected to move in the s.

It featured specimens of different species of animals. The zoo specialized in winged fauna and garden themes but also featured several species of mammals. Polar bears and various species of seals of the Arctic sector and the "Large Ocean", a large basin offering visitors a view from underneath, make up part of the aquarium's main attractions.

Given the mass of Cap Diamant and the presence of la Citadelle atop it, overlooking the date night in quebec city quebec of the St. This area has a distinct European feel with its stone buildings and winding streets lined with shops and restaurants. Porte Saint-Louis and Porte Saint-Jean are the main gates through the walls from the modern section of downtown; the Kent Gate was a gift to the province from Queen Victoria and the foundation stone was laid by the Queen's daughter, Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorneon 11 June The upper and lower town are linked by numerous stairs such as the Escalier « casse-cou » "breakneck stairway" or the Old Quebec Funicular on the historic Rue du Petit-Champlainwhere many small boutiques are found.

A small town square nearby, the Place Royale, now surrounded by date night in quebec city quebec stone buildings, is the site of Champlain 's founding of the city in On it is the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church.

The railway company sought to encourage luxury tourism and bring wealthy travellers to its trains. The terrace leads toward the nearby Plains of Abrahamsite of the battle in which the British took Quebec from France, and the Citadelle of Quebeca Canadian Forces installation and the federal vice-regal secondary residence.

The Parliament Buildingthe meeting place of the Parliament of Quebecis also near the Citadelle. It is the first church in the New World to be raised to a date night in quebec city quebec and is the primatial church of Canada. One of the most notable is The Battlefields Parkwhich is home to 50 historical artillery pieces and the Plains of Abraham.

The park offers views of the St. Lawrence River and has multiple historical structures and statues like the Joan of Arc on Horseback and a couple of Martello Towers. Quebec City's largest park is the Parc Chauveau [ fr ]which is crossed by the suburban section of the city-wide Saint-Charles River and is thus also part of the 31 km 19 mi long Saint-Charles River's linear park. At Chauveau, activities such as canoeingfishing and cross-country skiing are offered depending on the season, in addition to an interior soccer stadium.

Quebec is the only large city in Canada along with Halifax date night in quebec city quebec a public greenhouse. Nonetheless, outside areas known for their public gardens or landscaping include: [79].

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