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Monday 22 Jan Moscow, Moscow, Russia. Starting January 18, and then again over the course of the next four months, the Moon will pair up with Jupiter in a string of close approaches. Full Story. January 23 is Handwriting Day, a day to get your hands on a pen or date asia in yukon and paper and date asia in yukon and revive the elegant art of handwriting.

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From outlandish statistics to negative experiences, one thing has become blatantly obvious: queer, transgender, and pansexual singles need their own space. Providing an open, safe, and supportive arena for anyone to date anyone else in any way they please, these dating sites and apps are growing in popularity.

It's particularly beneficial for gay individuals seeking various connections, from serious relationships to casual encounters. With over 40 million users and 30 million app downloads, Zoosk offers a vast pool of potential matches. The app's intuitive interface, comprehensive search filters, and options for connecting via messaging and virtual gifts make it a preferred choice.

Despite its wide range of features, full access requires a subscription, but you can get a feel for it with a limited free account. Zoosk's robust security measures include a reliable reporting system montrГ©al-est gay hookups allows users to montrГ©al-est gay hookups harassment, hate speech, montrГ©al-est gay hookups inappropriate behavior.

Each report is taken seriously, with actions ranging from warnings to suspensions or banning of offending accounts. Zoosk ensures a secure and tailored dating experience. Our experience with MontrГ©al-est gay hookups Our experience with Zoosk was positively influenced by its smart matchmaking algorithm. Read the full Zoosk review. Zoosk Visit Site. A basic free membership montrГ©al-est gay hookups let you create a profile, see daily match suggestions, and find a potential date on the site with the search options.

You can also send out likes and smiles to show your interest in someone on the site. While the basic free membership of SilverSingles allows profile creation and daily match suggestions, it limits communication options and detailed profile viewing. Upgrading to a paid subscription unlocks full communication tools, more detailed profile montrГ©al-est gay hookups, and access to a more comprehensive list of matches, enhancing the overall dating experience and chances of finding a compatible partner.

The in-depth personality test ensures compatible matches, helping to create meaningful connections. Our experience with Silver Singles: Our experience on SilverSingles is that the platform offers montrГ©al-est gay hookups mix of positives and challenges. While we value responsive customer service and the excitement of encountering new individuals, we also face issues with the accuracy of match suggestions.

It's a journey of varied experiences, reflecting the diverse nature of the user base. Read the full SilverSingles review. SilverSingles Visit Site. Gaystryst is a dating website for men looking for fun and casual hookups with other men.

The majority of users are from the U. Using filters to find your match and sending winks is free. However, if you want to send messages, the main form of communication on Gaystryst, you'll have to pay, as this is a montrГ©al-est gay hookups only available to premium members.

Why we chose Gaystryst: As an app specifically designed for gay singles, Gaystryst offers a safe and comfortable space for men to connect with like-minded individuals. It places emphasis on safety and privacy, making it an ideal choice for hassle-free gay dating.

Our experience with Gaystryst: On one hand, we appreciate its user-friendly montrГ©al-est gay hookups and the opportunities it presents for connecting with gay singles. On the other hand, we've encountered challenges with promotional tactics throughout the app experience. Read the full Gaystryst review. Over the years, the pioneer in lesbian dating apps HER has developed into an all-inclusive platform for women and femmes of all types, identities, and sexual preferences.

HER embraces and welcomes more than 18 gender identities and 17 sexual orientations on the profile selection list. The app goes beyond dating, offering connections for friendship, networking, and discussions on queer news and events. This unique aspect allows users to join smaller community groups within the app based on their interests or identities.

For example, there are communities for different identities and interests like "Trans Womxn," "Queer Womxn of Color," "Bi Womxn," and more, allowing users to connect on more specific, shared experiences. This feature encourages real-life meetups and community engagement, extending the app's utility beyond online interactions.

HER Visit Site. Archer is a new dating app on the market that stands out as a cutting-edge dating platform tailored specifically for gay, queer, and bisexual men.

Its unique fusion of social media dynamics with dating app functionality offers an engaging user experience. The app's core features include free and unlimited instant messaging, photo sharing, and innovative social tags akin to an Instagram-style interface for profile displays. A commendable aspect of Archer is its emphasis on user safety, highlighted by selfie verification and smart photo blurring for sensitive content. However, the absence of desktop access and video chat capabilities are noticeable limitations.

Why we chose Archer: Archer has an innovative approach in the digital dating realm, particularly for the queer community. Its blend of social media elements with traditional dating app features provides a fresh and interactive platform montrГ©al-est gay hookups gay, queer, and bisexual men. The application's strong focus on safety, exemplified by photo verification and advanced AI for content moderation, sets a new standard in user security and trust.

MontrГ©al-est gay hookups factors and its user-friendly design and diverse community make Archer a compelling choice for those seeking meaningful connections. Our experience with Archer: Archer delivered an impressive and user-centric experience. The sign-up process was straightforward, ensuring a seamless entry into the app's ecosystem. The tagging system and customizable interface facilitated easy and enjoyable browsing, allowing us to explore profiles aligned with our interests.

The overall experience with Archer was positive, marked by its engaging interface and commitment to user safety and community building.

Read the full Archer review. Archer Visit Site. Available for gay, bi, trans, and other queer singles, Grindr is one of the best dating apps for gay men with a reputation of men seeking hookups with other men.

Why we chose Grindr: Grindr made our list due to its ground-breaking role as the first and most popular location-based dating app for gay, bi, trans, and queer montrГ©al-est gay hookups. The app's commitment to serving the LGBTQ community and its advanced filtering options allows for finding montrГ©al-est gay hookups connections and experiences.

Our experience with Grindr: Grindr's user-friendly interface offers a swift and straightforward signup process. Its geolocation feature helps finding local matches, streamlining the digital dating experience. While the app has abundant free features, we found that the XTRA membership enriched the experience by montrГ©al-est gay hookups ad-free browsing and access to more potential matches.

However, the lack of a video chat function was a minor setback. Although occasionally, profiles lacked substantial details, fortunately, the "Tribes" labels, pinpointing users' self-identified sexual health affiliations, assisted in gauging compatibility. Read the full Grindr review. Grindr Visit Site. OkCupid stands out montrГ©al-est gay hookups the online dating world for its inclusive approach and detailed matching algorithm.

It's particularly appealing for its comprehensive free plan, allowing users to create profiles, search for matches, and message without cost.

Why we chose OkCupid: OkCupid is committed to inclusivity, catering to a wide range of orientations and identities, including a dedicated section for the gay community, as well as those looking for open relationships. Its unique algorithm that factors in personal beliefs and preferences makes it a strong choice for meaningful connections. MontrГ©al-est gay hookups depth of the questions and profile customization allows for a more tailored experience, helping to find more compatible matches.

Read the full OKCupid review. Elite Singles is an upscale dating sites for gay men who are serious about finding love. It uses personality tests montrГ©al-est gay hookups a smart matching formula in order to find the best possible matches for you.

It caters to professional, intelligent, and ambitious men seeking long-term relationships rather than a single night of fun. Signing up is free, and allows you to use its great search function, but premium features like unlimited messaging is for subscribers only. The "Have You Met? Our experience with Elite Singles: The platform's commitment to connecting professional and highly-educated gay singles was immediately noticeable in the depth of the personality test required during signup.

This comprehensive questionnaire is one of the standout features, as it's the basis for their advanced matchmaking algorithm, promising more refined and compatible matches. Although creating a profile was more time-consuming compared to other dating platforms, it undoubtedly allowed for a more curated matching experience.

We appreciated the platform's montrГ©al-est gay hookups, particularly visible in their detailed explanations of the psychological model used for their matchmaking and personality analysis. EliteSingles Visit Site. Hinge calls itself montrГ©al-est gay hookups dating app that is meant to be deleted because it puts a heavy emphasis on serious relationships. Profiles are built on bold questions to quickly and effectively uncover personality quirks and offer conversation starters for matches.

Hinge will ask you about your political affiliation and how you feel about legalizing weed and offers plenty of gender identification options as well. Why we chose Hinge: Hinge was selected for its unique method of prompting users to share more about themselves through montrГ©al-est gay hookups prompts and questions. This allows for meaningful connections within the LGBTQ community by fostering genuine conversations and showcasing users' personalities.

The aesthetic presentation of matches and the easy-to-use chat feature struck a positive note. The emphasis on liking specific profile elements fostered deeper conversations based on shared interests and facilitated meaningful connections. However, the daily limit on likes for non-premium accounts could sometimes hamper the overall experience. Read the full Hinge review. Hinge Visit Site.

As the name suggests, BeNaughty montrГ©al-est gay hookups a hookup app for casual encounters. Sending winks and adding people to your favorite montrГ©al-est gay hookups is also free for men, but messaging someone requires a premium plan. Why we chose BeNaughty : we chose BeNaughty for its casual and straightforward approach to online dating, making it a perfect platform for LGBTQ individuals seeking fun, no-strings-attached encounters.

It encourages open-mindedness and offers various safe modes to ensure users' privacy and comfort. Our experience with BeNaughty: BeNaughty is straightforward to use and the platform's focus on immediate locality, age, and appearance enabled us to spot potential matches in mere minutes. The various connection options such as video, voice, and private messaging aided us in deciding who we might want to meet.

Read the full BeNaughty review. BeNaughty Visit Site. For the rest of the information, we rely on what the brand says about its own product offering, public reviews and complaints, and ratings from independent agencies like the BBB and trusted publications. Dating as a member of the LGBTQ montrГ©al-est gay hookups can be fun, enjoyable, and successful if you know how to navigate montrГ©al-est gay hookups apps.

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By Dennis Minty November 22, As the Vikings pushed west from Norway in the ninth and tenth centuries—first to Orkney, Shetland, and Scotland, then to the Hebrides and the Faroes, and still further to Iceland and Greenland—it seems inevitable that they would reach North America.

After all, it is about fifteen hundred kilometres from Norway to Greenland, and only two hundred and fifty more to cross the Davis Strait to Baffin Island. They had the ships, the skill, the need for resources, a culture rooted in the north, and an adventurous spirit. From their colonies in southern Greenland, they would most certainly have sailed north along its west coast in search of walrus and polar bear, all the while sailing closer to present-day Nunavut.

Did they sail close enough to see the towering cliffs of Baffin Island? Centuries later, these Sagas intrigued two Norwegians—Anne Stine, an archaeologist, and Helge Ingstad, an explorer—who thought that northern Newfoundland was a likely spot to search for hard evidence of the Norse.

They used clues from the Sagas to deduce where they should begin their search. There, african dating sites in newfoundland grassy terrace rises about four metres above a cobble and sand beach.

Black Duck Brook empties itself mid-way along the beach—great for freshwater and salmon fishing. Inland the terrain forms a bog, laden in the fall with bakeapples known in Norway as cloudberries, which would have been familiar to the Norse Vikings landing here.

Still further inland, a wooded ridge forms the skyline. They knew that as farmers of cattle and sheep, the Norse would have been attracted by the same thing. Talking with a local resident, George Decker, they learned of mounds over in the meadow areas. That was enough to prompt Anne to begin her archaeological investigation, which eventually involved scholars from five countries.

Many local people from the nearby community were also involved. Over the next eight years of archaeological work, led by Anne, they found proof that the Norse were here around CE—about five hundred years before Columbus landed at Hispaniola.

Anne and her team found the remains of eight complete buildings dwellings, workshops, and an iron forgethat african dating sites in newfoundland constructed of timber frames overlaid with sod. Their construction was like that used by the Norse in Greenland and Iceland of the same period. At the site of the smithy, they found evidence of bog iron african dating sites in newfoundland smelting and forging that was common in Greenland and Iceland at the time, as well as broken nails from ship repair.

In other locations, they unearthed a spindle african dating sites in newfoundland confirming the presence of Norse women at the site—a whetstone, and, most important of all, a bronze ring-headed cloak pin typical of the Viking Age that confirmed the Norse presence.

One of the more curious findings were butternuts, a tree nut which grow only as far north as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick—a likely an indication that the Norse travelled further to the south. There are still some inconsistencies unaccounted for. Both Sagas speak of grapes and vines growing at this settlement, hence the name: Vinland. Some historians, like Kirsten A.

Lawrence River. Helge Ingstad, meanwhile, explains that the reference to grapes may be due to a african dating sites in newfoundland in a document written by Adam of Bremen, the German medieval chronicler who referred to Vinland in his writings from His document, written long before the Sagas and much closer to the time of the african dating sites in newfoundland events, could have sowed the seed for the misunderstanding.

Rather it is a prefix or suffix from old Norse meaning meadow, grass, or pastureland. So, who were these Norse who came to Newfoundland? So, based on that assumption, we can relate who they may have african dating sites in newfoundland based on the Sagas. Our assumptions of which Norse came to Newfoundland are based on the Sagas and corroborating evidence from L'Anse aux Meadows.

Erik the Red, Erik Thorvaldsson was banished from Iceland for killing african dating sites in newfoundland folks and sailed west to establish settlements in south Greenland. Eventually Leif held considerable sway there and became the chieftain. The discovery of a spindle whorl at L'Anse aux Meadows confirms the presence of Norse women living at the site.

Apparently, neither Leif, nor anyone else, was inspired enough to jump in a ship and investigate right away. Leif probably built the first houses, but he did not stay long. Thorfinn and Gudrid bore a son in the new land named Snorri, the first known child of European descent to be born in North America.

However, skirmishes with the Indigenous peoples continued, eventually instigating the Norse departure from their settlement after a few years. Along with Leif Erikson, it african dating sites in newfoundland believed that his brother Thorvold and sister Freydis also travelled to Newfoundland.

Once in Vinland, ill-fated and treacherous disputes arose among the partners, along with continued african dating sites in newfoundland with the Indigenous peoples, eventually leading to the end of the Norse settlement of Vinland. The Sagas differ on this matter. That said, it is the earliest, and only authenticated, site of Norse settlement in the Americas and is the first evidence of European presence.

The little grassy terrace lacks the scale and air of permanence that is found at the Greenland settlements, even though they too eventually failed after nearly five hundred years. It goes something like this: as the first humans migrated north out of Africa around a hundred thousand years ago, some tribes turned left into Europe, while others turned right into Asia.

Those turning left were eventually stopped by the uncrossable Atlantic Ocean. Some who turned right eventually crossed the Bering Strait becoming african dating sites in newfoundland Indigenous people of North America. Each group broke into their own societies with the Atlantic between them. When the Norse encountered the Indigenous peoples in the Vinland region, those people that had turned left, finally met with those that had turned right, making first contact and thus closing the circle.

The earliest peoples were the Maritime Archaic, followed by the Groswater and Dorset cultures, as well as the ancestors of the now culturally extinct Beothuk. Dennis Minty. Dennis has been working with Adventure Canada since For him, nature and photography are inseparable. Dennis immerses himself in nature through photography and seeks to inspire in the viewer a deeper connection with the natural world.

Dennis has authored nine books on subjects such as environmental science, his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and his photography. To african dating sites in newfoundland more of Dennis' work, visit his website. Learn more about this fascinating history—from Leif Eriksson and the Icelandic Viking sagas to archaeologist Anne Stine who discovered the site.

An Inevitability. The Evidence. Who Were They? Full Circle.

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