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Its area, population and other key information are listed below. Update data. EN FR. Bay Roberts. Bay Roberts official website bayroberts.

Transportation modes in Bay Roberts Airport St. John's International Airport Distance between Bay Roberts and other main cities and towns Toronto : km Montreal : km Calgary : km Ottawa : km Edmonton : km Brampton : km Mississauga : km Winnipeg : km Vancouver : km Hamilton : km Quebec : km Surrey : bay roberts dating sites Laval : km Halifax : km closest London : km Distances are calculated bay roberts dating sites the crow flies.

Leisure and activities in Bay Roberts surrounding area. Our website is not affiliated with or sponsored by any government office in the country. We are an independent company dedicated to providing valuable information to the citizens and residents of the country. Latitude: Clarke's Beach 4. Spaniard's Bay 5. South River bay roberts dating sites. Bishop's Cove 6.

Upper Island Cove 8. Marysvale Harbour Grace Goulds Road Bryant's Cove Bristol's Hope Conception Harbour Harbour Main-Chapel's Cove-Lakeview Dildo Victoria Conception Bay South Halifax : km closest. North Head 8. Salmon Cove Point Bell Island Avalon Peninsula Avalon

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The river widens at this place, later becoming a bay that discharges trois-pistoles catholic singles the Atlantic Ocean and is often nicknamed "Bas-du-Fleuve" Lower-River. The region is formed by eight regional county municipalities and municipalities.

It had a population ofand a land area of trois-pistoles catholic singles, The territory has evidence of human occupation since the Pleistocene by successive indigenous peoples. The historic First Nations occupied it all until European colonisation started in the late 17th century; France made land concessions to settlers under the Seigneurial system of New France to encourage colonization. However, development of this region was slow until it started to exploit its mixed forests.

Settlement gradually developed further inland, on the littoral, and since the late 20th century a leisure and recreation industry has developed. The region takes its name from the Saint Lawrence River, a waterway that has a central role in the history of Quebec and forms the northern border of the region. The name of the river, and by extension the region, has a hagiotoponymic origin originating from the baye sainct Laurens named by Jacques Trois-pistoles catholic singlesoriginating from the date of discovery being 10 Augustday of the festival of Saint Lawrence in the Christian martyrology.

The name of the bay was used trois-pistoles catholic singles to describe the river when the Narrationhis report of his expedition, was translated to Spanish and Italian, and definitively fixed by its use in the world map of cartographer Gerardus Mercator in trois-pistoles catholic singles, according to historian Marcel Trudel. The name "Bas-Saint-Laurent", however, only appeared much later. In their Histoire du Bas-Saint-Laurentthe historians Fortin and Lechasseur trois-pistoles catholic singles that the relation with the Saint Lawrence grew with the population of the region in the 19th century.

The evolution of the toponymy of the region takes root in the different steps of its development, with at first trois-pistoles catholic singles initial settlement by First Nationsfollowed by a progressive settlement by French-speaking colonists starting in the 18th century, but mostly in the 19th, a small Scottish presence starting in the s, with activities centred on agriculture and the exploitation of its waters and forests.

The last phase of this evolution trois-pistoles catholic singles place when some inland communities started to decline trois-pistoles catholic singles its centres of activity were reinforced.

The region is divided into eight Regional county municipalities RCMwhich contain municipalities. Otherwise, the least populous RCM of the region is Les Basqueswith only trois-pistoles catholic singles, inhabitants ina number which decreased by 1, sincemaking it also the RCM with the highest annual rate of population decrease of the region, with a rate of 9. Forested areas and waterways dominate the land use trois-pistoles catholic singles Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The region countskm 2 38, sq trois-pistoles catholic singles of mixed forests4, km 2 1, sq mi of coniferous forests and 6, km 3, mi of waterways. Humid lands only covers 58 km 2 22 sq mi and the land devoted to agriculture covers 2, km 2 1, sq miwhile developed areas trois-pistoles catholic singles only km 2 55 sq miwhich equals to 0. Even if an isolated area of Cambrian and Precambrian rocks exist in an area of the Chic-Choc Mountainsthe region belongs generally to the geologic province of the Appalachian Mountainswhich covers an area of 3, km 2 1, sq mibetween Alabama and Newfoundland.

The marks of two episodes of mountain-buildingthe Acadian orogeny and the Taconic orogenyhave shaped the land. During the first orogeny, the subduction of the oceanic plate created a volcanic chain in the Iapetus Oceanoff the coast of Laurentia during the Cambrian period. The magma surfacing mixed with the sediments originating from the continental erosion and the volcanic arc of islands got gradually closer to the continent to the subduction. The two collided million years ago and formed a chain of immature mountains, the Taconic Mountainstheir nappe covers a part of the Saint Lawrence Lowlands.

This first zone, which follows the river today, is known as Humber's zone. Dating from the Ordovicianthis bedrock is composed primarily of sedimentary rocks : sandstonemudrocks and conglomerates. Around million years ago, the Taconic mountains eroded and created sediments that deposited at a shallow depth. As Laurentia and the micro-continent Avalonia deformed and raised the sedimentary deposits and volcanic rocks and created a second chain of mountains, the Acadian Chain, which superposes itself on the Taconic Chain.

The estuary of the Saint Lawrence river in front of the Charlevoix region is one of the most active seismic regions in the east of Canada. Five earthquakes of a magnitude superior to 6 have occurred in history, in FebruaryDecemberOctoberOctober and February The seismic data indicates that an earthquake happens on average every 36 hours in the Charlevoix-Kamouraska zone. They are concentrated in the Precambrian bedrock under the Logan line and the Appalachian Mountainsat a variable depth between 30 km 19 mi deep and the surface [15].

However, this seismic area is less active than the one uphill, as only an average of sixty earthquakes occur each year and has trois-pistoles catholic singles had a destructive earthquake in history. An earthquake of magnitude 5. The topography of Bas-Saint-Laurent has two main trois-pistoles catholic singles : the plateaus of the Appalachian Mountainscalled Notre Dame Mountains trois-pistoles catholic singles, and the lowlands in the fine stripe of land along the Saint Lawrence river.

These are separated by an intermediate area of ridges and foothills which meld with the plateaus. The Notre Dame Mountains, are a group of small mountains with summits reaching between and m 2, and 2, ft high. The littoral, spanning across km mi [18] is composed of riverside land of altitudes ranging from 0 trois-pistoles catholic singles m 0 to ft above sea level.

This area has a depth of 5 km 3. In the Quaternarythe region was marked by glaciation. The isostatic rebound created an trois-pistoles catholic singles sea, the Sea of Goldthwaitwhich flooded the region under at most m of water in the area around Rimouski.

The withdrawal of the Sea of Goldthwait was gradual, 2, years ago the isostatic rebound stabilised at around trois-pistoles catholic singles mm 0. The estuary of the Saint Lawrence riverto the north of the region, plays a primary role in the region.

It is divided in two regions split at Cacouna : west of Cacouna, it is called a medium estuary, trois-pistoles catholic singles east of the municipality it is called a maritime estuary or lower estuary.

The region is relatively poor in fresh water, since lakes and rivers only count as 1. These regions influenced the layout of the administrative areas of Bas-Saint-Laurent, by setting limits to some regional county municipalities. The largest drainage basins of the region are located in the south of the territory. These are the drainage basins of the Matapedia River 3, km 2 [1, sq mi] and Madawaska River 2, km 2 [1, trois-pistoles catholic singles mi]. The Quebecois geographer Louis-Edmond Hamelin categorized the region in his pre-north area, second of the five zones of his map of nordicity zones.

The oceanic influence of the estuary of the Saint Lawrence River has a small influence trois-pistoles catholic singles the climate of the region, making it more alike to the climate of meridional Quebec[26] than with "Nordic" towns like La Sarre in Abitibi trois-pistoles catholic singles Roberval, Quebec in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jeanlocated at the same latitude than the town of Matane.

The French geographer Raoul Blanchard described the temperature variations between winter and summer as "brutal". During the winter, which lasts for five months, the cold freezes the trois-pistoles catholic singles and rivers and transforms the estuary into a "vast prairie of ice".

The oceanic influence, while it mitigates the cold of the winters, cools the summers. The average temperature in July in Rimouski inferior by 4 degrees to the one recorded in Quebec. To this, the wind of the north west adds humidity and cold. Rainfall is abundant and consistent throughout the year. The region currently receives annually to 1, mm 31 to 47 in of rainfall, of which between and cm 98 and in is snow.

The oceanic influence is less present inland, where slightly warmer temperatures in the summer and slightly colder in the winter are recorded. Bas-Saint-Laurent is part of the natural province of the Appalachian Mountains in the ecological reference area of Quebec. Beyond inhabited areas, they cover the majority of the territory. They are boreal with a coniferous influence. The forests most important in order of superficy are those of golden birchpaper birch and white spruce. The dominant forest of the territory is composed of golden birch trees, an Ecotone marking the transition between the temperate nordique area and the boreal area.

The main species of trees within it are the paper birch, the balsam firand the white spruce, as well as rarer quaking aspens trois-pistoles catholic singles jack pines. The main species of trees within it are the golden birch, trois-pistoles catholic singles firwhite spruce, red spruce and the cedaras well as rarer trois-pistoles catholic singles aspens, paper birches, balsam poplars and mountain maple.

However, a more profound analysis of the composition of the forests of Bas-Saint-Laurent allows to shed light on which trees grow at which trois-pistoles catholic singles, type of soils and latitudes.

The fauna trois-pistoles catholic singles Bas-Saint-Laurent is similar to the one found in other parts of Quebec and has a relatively poor diversity in species. The glacial episodes of the Pleistocene drove away the animals of the ice-covered area and these came back gradually as the ice sheet melted over the last 18, years.

The melting of the ice sheet and the flood of the sea of Goldthwait around the current estuary brought molluscs like true musselssoft-shell clams and scallops. According to the remains of marine mammals found in altitude further inland, narvalswalruses and earless seals were also trois-pistoles catholic singles in trois-pistoles catholic singles region.

On land, the eider appears around 18, BP and a mastodon closely related to the mammoth inhabited the area before disappearing years ago. Today, the region is dominated by the big game moosewhite-tailed deer and black bear. The small game is composed of the ruffed grousethe spruce grouse and snowshoe hare. The muskratNorth American beaver and red fox are also usual sights in the forests of Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Many species of birds live along the estuary of Saint Lawrence. Diverse types of duck are present, like the American black duckNorthern pintailtwo types of surface duck. Diving ducks are represented by the common goldeneye and ring-necked duckwhile sea ducks are represented by the common eider and long-tailed duck. Bas-Saint-Laurent has only one wetland area according trois-pistoles catholic singles the Ramsar Conventionthe Baie de l'Isle-Vertepart of it is protected by the national wildlife reserve of baie de L'Isle-Verte.

The region has four national parks. Its diverse climate and its landscape host a flora unique in Quebec. Lawrence Marine Parktrois-pistoles catholic singles first marine trois-pistoles catholic singles of Quebec, is located in the region.

It holds the longest fjord in the east of Canada as well as a part of the largest estuary in the world, which makes it a location of considerable trois-pistoles catholic singles biodiversity.

It is the only park administered in Canada by both the Government of Quebec and Government of Canada. Three other parks, ecological reserves, more restricted protected areas, are trois-pistoles catholic singles in the centre of the region, the reserves of FernaldCharles-B.

The largest protected areas of the region are those protected by the confinement areas trois-pistoles catholic singles the white-tailed deer. After reaching its peak in the middle trois-pistoles catholic singles the 20th century due to the strong natality and a reduction of child mortality, the inhabited area of Bas-Saint-Laurent has declined over the last 50 years. This decline is due to structural issues like the rationalization of agriculture and the depletion of the forests, but also to rural flight and a sinking trois-pistoles catholic singles since the s.

Bas-Saint-Laurent was home toinhabitants on the first of Julywhich represents 2. Sincethe region has seen its population stagnate or slightly decline.

The new importance of these urban centres explain the fact that only their RCMs have had a population increase between and The population of Bas-Saint-Laurent is significantly older than the population of Quebec as a whole.

Inthe average age of the population of Bas-Saint-Laurent was The share of youths under the trois-pistoles catholic singles of 20 is also one of the lowest of Quebec, at As is the case for data on population, the data on the age of said population shows a clear divide between the two urban RCMs and the rural ones.

The RCM Les Basques sees an important aging of its population and has the lowest trois-pistoles catholic singles of youths between 0 and 19 years old Nearly all residents of Bas-Saint-Laurent speak French as their mother tongue. According to the The proportion of Bas-Saint-Laurent residents reporting they can speak both French and English was This share was greater in the two largest cities of the region, reaching

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Although many dating apps are free to use, their features are limited unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. Facebook Dating is a truly free dating app; all of its free dating apps clermont quebec are available at no charge. Dave Johnson. Dave Johnson is a technology journalist who writes about consumer tech and how the industry is transforming the speculative world of science fiction into modern-day real life.

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